Rape Apologist Bingo

Rape Apologist Bingo 1, via Esme454 (original picture here):

Row 1
143% of rape allegations are false
She shouldn’t have been drinking
How do you know? Were you there?
It was a joke!
These boys have a bright future…

Row 2
So if I have sex when I’m drunk, I suppose she raped me, right?
She was a slut
I’m not blaming the victim, I’m just saying…
DNA doesn’t prove guilt
Boys Will Be Boys

Row 3
She really wanted it
Women dress too provocatively today
Midlle square: FREE SPACE
But Amlissa MarcEwan is anti-Catholic
DNA will prove innocence

Row 4
Women don’t give clear signals
You just need a good fucking, then you’ll loosen up
Mike Nifong
Why are you so angry?

Row 5
What was she wearing?
Feminists hate sex, that’s what this is about
Well if she didn’t want sex, why did she…
Duke LAX
Now we need a notarized form for touching

5 Comments on “Rape Apologist Bingo”

  1. merlin34 says:

    “So if I have sex when I’m drunk, I suppose she raped me, right?”

    I agree with all of the others, but if both parties are drunk, wouldn’t that make it so neither was legally able to give consent? Both would be equally guilty.

    I don’t like the “oh she was asking for it” language, but the idea that being male automatically implies consent because men want sex, sex, and more sex doesn’t exactly make me feel warm and fuzzy inside either.

  2. merlin34 says:

    Add: “I agree with all of the others” may have come off as saying something I didn’t intend. To clarify, I agree with all the others in the sense as agreeing that they are [redacted for language I don't like - Rachel] nasty excuses for something that there is no excuse for.

  3. Rachel says:

    I can see where you’re coming from, but I think you’ve mistaken the intention of that square.

    The “so if I have sex when I’m drunk, I suppose she raped me, right?” square is an example of the kind of disbelieving sarcasm that some men use when rape is the subject of discussion. The implication is that the men in question believe that being male automatically implies consent, not that I believe that. (Some people, of course, believe that being drunk automatically implies consent as well.)

    To answer your question: laws are different in different countries, so I don’t know what’s legal where you are, and I’m not a lawyer in any case, so I’m not going to debate it.

    But if neither party consented, there wouldn’t be any sex. Because neither of them would have wanted to do anything.

    If one person wanted sex, it would be their responsibility to make sure that the other person gave meaningful consent. Without checking, that person (irrespective of gender) might be guilty of rape – and they wouldn’t know, because they hadn’t asked.

    And if both of them wanted sex, then neither of them would be “guilty” of anything, because it would have been consensual.

  4. R says:

    Whoa nelly. “But if neither party consented, there wouldn’t be any sex.” That’s not remotely true. If both parties are legally incapable of giving consent, there is no consent. “Consent” is a legal concept and you can’t make up the law to suit your priorities, even if I happen to agree with them.

    I understand that “I was drunk” can be (and is) abused, like any excuse for anything, but if both parties are drunk, there is a significant legal and ethical gray area in regards to who, if anyone, should be held culpable.

    I thought I understood and agreed with the intent behind the bingo square, but unfortunately your written clarification has revealed that you are coming at it from an inaccurate direction I can’t agree with.

  5. [...] even if their intentions are super noble and pure and the 400 other excuses one can come up with (boys will be boys, I can’t control my emotions and she was flirting with me comes to mind), they are still [...]

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