The Second Thought

Which it is really, which kind of feels special. And because I can see them looking at me, my second thought is my breasts.
But not in, as Eddie Izzard would have it, an entertaining night-time telly kind of a way.
More in a, when did those two round bits stop being something uncomplicated kind of a way.

The reasons I can see them looking at me are, one, the way I’m sitting encourages them to make a bid for freedom while I’m distracted, but two, because I’m wearing a lovely low-cut strappy top which I love and cherish.

Anyway, that’s just the background, as it were.
The dilemma I have is this:

When I want to look good or feel good (note that, by the way – not sexy, just good) I wear tops that reveal more of my breasts / cleavage.

On the one hand, I don’t feel that I’m doing this for anyone but myself, because I happen to love my breasts, and because I like the way that the low cut tops I have make them look.

But on the other, I find myself wondering why I feel good because of this. Is it just because I’ve been exposed (no pun intended, though I am now mildly amused!) to images of partially or totally naked women for as long as I can remember?
Is it just because I associate exposed breasts with the beautiful models that are used to sell absolutely everything these days, and therefore feel better in myself if my breasts are more exposed?

One day I’ll get an answer to that……


One Comment on “The Second Thought”

  1. the bluest light says:

    Does wearing low-cut tops make you feel more ‘grown up’? Or if it doesn’t now, did it ever? I’m thinking back to the days when we were first going to the Harp and having breasts was still fairly new to you.

    I know we’ve had this conversation before, but I have a very different relationship to my breasts than you do. Part of me is still the 12 year old with C-cup breasts and no idea how to deal with them.

    I’m still coming to terms with the fact that my breasts do actually suit me and are a very nice part of my body.

    On side note, I am now officially large breasted as I have my first bra from a ‘specially designed for big girls’ range.

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