Yes, I am intolerant

Before I began this Second Thought business, I was happily and not so happily ranting away over on Metalsunflower. Which I still do, of course, but it tends to be less grumpy there these days.
Anyway, I once wrote this post about creepy guys.
And when I wrote it, I thought it would do me good to get it all out in the big wide virtual world, I kind of thought I might be able to ignore it more.
Actually, it annoys me a hell of a lot more now than it did then.

But then again, I’ve never been whistled to as though I were a cat before. Complete with ‘here, kitty’ style remarks.

Oh well, at least it was original.

It was also so very well calculated to dent my pride, I very, very nearly went back to beat the hell out of his bollocks. Hey, maybe if I did something cruel and hurtful to his ‘pride and joy’, he’d be less likely to try the same with mine.

Sadly, he was in the company of two girls, and while simple caution had a hand in forcing myself to walk on where he was concerned, it was actual fear that stopped me going back while the girls were there.
They knew what he was doing, and they said nothing. That was enough.


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