Laughing My Arse Off….

…As the saying goes!
Idly browsing, I come across a spectacularly bizarre article about spectacularly bizarre people (well, young, rich, conservative Americans, anyway!). Within it, I find this quote about female promiscuity:

“I think one sexual partner for every 2-3 years is acceptable for a girl from a good family. Sex just isn’t something girls should be doing if they are interested in marrying me.”

*Space indicates blank silence which should, by rights, follow such a statement!

Shall I bother to comment? Er… yeah, ok….
Frankly, this, er, man, sounds like the kind of person second only to Creepy Guy on my list of people to avoid!
I’m not sure which implication puts me off most —
— “I’m so good, I’m worth the wait”
— “sex is something I shall enjoy, and my wife shall tolerate”
— “sex is something my wife doesn’t really want; therefore, she would never cheat on me”
— “my wife shall be from a ‘good family’ because I deserve no less” (I’m intruigued to know what counts as a ‘good family’ in any case – no convicts, lords or lunatics, perhaps?!)

I’m sure, though, he never meant the inference I drew from his comment, namely —
— “my wife had better not like / want sex, because I’m really, really crap in bed!”

You’ve got to laugh, really, haven’t you?

Actually, it made me quite smug to think that this man will never, ever go out with someone like me. Just think what he’s missing!


4 Comments on “Laughing My Arse Off….”

  1. Rheola says:

    i agree

  2. Toby says:

    I have to admit I haven’t RTFA in detail but there doesn’t seem to be any other quotes from ‘SF’.

    ‘SF’ could just want a relationship with a girl who treats sex as something of very high value that shouldn’t be shared with someone until you know them really well. Without any further information about ‘SF’ it’s impossible to make a proper judgement. For all we know he prefers mature women, or maybe even counts pre-16 years in that 2-3 years!

  3. xxx r. says:

    Ah, but I wasn’t making a “proper judgement”, and it is unfair to treat my post as though I was.
    What I was doing was commenting on and with the inferences I drew from an admittedly limited and biased source — his quote — using another limited and biased source — my brain!
    Obviously, there is a whole realm of different possibilities out there as to the actual meaning of his statement, which I shall probably never know.
    In the meantime, I shall draw my inferences, and laugh!

  4. Toby says:

    I do apologise: I wasn’t implying that your post was badly thought out or responsible for all the evil that was in the world. I just thought that I should defend ‘SF’ who could be being taken entirely out of context due to the people they hang around with online.

    Although if ‘SF’ hangs around with the sorts of people described in that article then you do have to wonder…

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