The Dangers of Public Transport…. number 1:

You are a woman. You are sitting on the bus.
The driver stops the bus and tells you that your breasts are too distracting; he can see them in his mirror; you must change seats, or leave.

GROW UP!!!!!!
Breasts are only allowed to be fascinating to the point of putting yourself or others in dangerous situations when….

  1. You’re a sixteen year-old attracted to breasts without much experience of a pair of guest breasts -ie, breasts that belong to other people, but you are legitimately allowed to play with
  2. You’re a sixteen year-old wondering where your breasts are, as they have not yet appeared
  3. You’re a sixteen year-old wondering why on earth your breasts are so big, and why nobody does affordable big-size bras for them
  4. They leap out at you unexpectedly

This story was none of the above.

It is perfectly possible to ignore breasts. Really. It is. Ask any number of closet lesbians*. Well…. ex-closet lesbians* then. The good closet lesbians* tend to be quite difficult to find!

I feel a fitting punishment for this bus driver would be to have his hands chained to a steering wheel, being forced to accurately navigate a fairly dangerous (virtual) environment, while in his side and rear view mirrors, many pictures of naked breasts were played. While wearing really tight trousers.

Am I unduly cruel?

*EDIT – for ‘lesbians’ read “lesbians/ bisexuals etc”, and my apologies to anybody not mentioned.


2 Comments on “The Dangers of Public Transport…. number 1:”

  1. Kirsten says:

    “Ask any number of closet lesbians.” Or closet bisexual women.

  2. xxx r. says:

    I didn’t forget about the bisexual women. *sigh*
    It was all in the name of keeping the sentences short!

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