Oh, for fucks sake…

Here is the explanation.

“Oh, I think we’ve got a homosexual supporter on our hands”
You shouldn’t have “homosexual supporter”s. They exist. They are natural. End of. You wouldn’t say, “I think we’ve got a heterosexual supporter on our hands” because heterosexuality is accepted.

“I want that paki – looking bloke to win, but I don’t suppose you want me to say that”
The word “Paki” is an insult. It is a shortening of the word “Pakistani” and is often misused – relatively few “paki – looking bloke”s (or women) actually come from Pakistan, which is a relatively small country compared to India. Regardless of the stupidity, it is first and foremost a derogatory word and should never be used, rather like the word “nigger”. It’s also a term of abuse that has been used against me personally on more than one occasion.

“Hey, sexy, looking good, got a boyfriend?”
It’s bigoted because men can get away with it. Go and reread all of the posts about creepy guys, but really, if you still don’t get why it’s unacceptable, I don’t think it’s worth my time to try to explain.

“Shut up, you teenager
Because youth makes you stupid? Er…. no.

“Well, lewisham’s just full of blacks, isn’t it?”
One. Don’t call black people “blacks”. It has all the implications of racism without actually being an offensive word. So I don’t like it, because people who would shy away from using the word “nigger” or “spearchucker” would use this one. It’s still not nice. Two. Even if Lewisham was a predominantly black community, what difference does it make to anything? If you’re making this comment, you’re implying a negative difference. Three. Lewisham is not “full of blacks”, it’s actually incredibly multicultural and a fantastic place to live because of it.

“I tried to talk to your friend the other night…. she scared me”
See posts on creepy guys. Stalking someone is, well, stalking someone, and you lost your right to be scared when you followed her home along a dark road with nobody else around. Your choice. So just shut the fuck up, OK?

“Eastern Europeans are stealing our jobs… they’re all thieves, you can’t trust them”
Yeah, ’cause that’s not racist at all. Eastern Europeans coming to this country are being forced into the most menial and crappy jobs going, the ones that nobody else wants to do, the ones that they are, in general, massively overqualified for. They get a shit deal. And of course they’re not all thieves. It’s bloody ridiculous.

“Don’t be a sinner, be a winner”
You want to believe in God, fine. But don’t force it down my throat. I respect your beliefs. I don’t tell you you’re going to hell and are doomed for all eternity because of them. So don’t do it to me.

“That shirt makes him look a bit poofy”
What era do you come from? How insulting do you want to get? It’s a very derogatory word for a gay man. It’s not on. Regardless of his sexual orientation, or how fashionable his shirt is.

I still can’t quite believe that needed saying, but never mind.


4 Comments on “Oh, for fucks sake…”

  1. Kirsten says:

    Fucking fuck. I cannot believe you needed to spell this out.

  2. Catchpole says:

    Here Here

  3. Catchpole says:

    Alan Plz tell me you were arguing for the sake of it????

  4. kate says:

    very interesting.i moved to se13 13 years ago and when people i knew found out the first response i got was …its full of blacks. this was from people that had black friends which was odd. I actually liked it when i moved here.people of any colour made no differance. i thought i was the only person that got that response, shame people are still thinking like that.

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