What is so wrong….

…. About kicking society as we know it into tiny little bits, jumping up and down on them and then rebuilding it so that people don’t discriminate against anyone, regardless of gender/ transgender, sexuality/ transexuality, race, age, disability, religion…… etc. ???????

….. About kicking bigots into little bits, and rebuilding them so that nobody says to me

“Oh, I think we’ve got a homosexual supporter on our hands”
“I want that paki – looking bloke to win, but I don’t suppose you want me to say that”
“Hey, sexy, looking good, got a boyfriend?”
“Shut up, you teenager
“Well, lewisham’s just full of blacks, isn’t it?”
“I tried to talk to your friend the other night…. she scared me”
“Eastern Europeans are stealing our jobs… they’re all theives, you can’t trust them”
“Don’t be a sinner, be a winner”
“That shirt makes him look a bit poofy”

It makes me want to drown things. And kick the world……. etc!


4 Comments on “What is so wrong….”

  1. Alan says:

    … Because if you kick it too hard people might be too scared to say anything at all about things that DO need to be said?

    And I’m not convinced all the examples you give are bigoted or discriminatory.


  2. Kirsten says:


    It’s not about making people scared to say things. It’s about making them understand in the first place that those things aren’t acceptable. It’s about changing the system so that king of prejudice is not the default thought pattern.

    Which of those statements will you defend? Do any of those things need to be said?

    Which layer of your privilege are you most scared of giving up?

  3. Alan says:

    Hmm what privileges am I scared of giving up, possibly:

    a) Meritocracy – those comments clearly hold very little merit and almost everyone can clearly see that, hence why I fail to be enormously concerned by them. Those that can’t see them need education, NOT “kicking … into little bits”. I’d have thought you’d be the first to agree with me that you can’t convince people of something by force, legal or physical. You have to show them why they should believe/agree with something for its merits.
    b) free speech, even though I hate what is being said (see Voltaire)


  4. Kirsten says:

    ‘those comments clearly hold very little merit and almost everyone can clearly see that, hence why I fail to be enormously concerned by them.’

    Well, they’re said. And believed by the people who say them, and believed to be acceptable things to say. And believed by others.

    They reveal a mind set of homophobia/racism/sexism. And that concerns me. I can’t believe I have to say this but those are Really Bad things. Which we should be concerned by.

    Part of your white, male, straight privilege is the fact that they don’t effect you and you can ignore them.

    My intepretation of Rach’s original post, though I could be wrong, was that it was an expression of anger at this kind of prejudice. It is a very justifiable anger.

    And as far as I can tell she’s not arguin for any limits on freedom of speech to prevent these things being said.

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