By the way: A Fallacy

Just a thought, quickly, before I go to bed and forget –

Situation M being worse than situation C does not make situation C good.

Or in other words, M being a darker grey than C does not make C white; it makes C a lighter grey than M. But C is still grey.

Or in other other words, situation M, being a manager, may be ‘worse’ than situation C, being a counter monkey (in terms of job flexibility, hours worked etc…), but that does not make being a counter monkey ‘good’. It just makes it less bad.

So when my manager told me to, in effect, count my blessings, because after all, she worked crappier hours than me and did I hear her complaining?
Well, that wasn’t really the point. If she doesn’t want to complain, that’s tough shit for her. But it doesn’t have any relevance to whether I should complain about my working hours. Because really, I know and she knows that having a late shift run into an early shift twice in one week is horrible. And it’s horrible if you’re a counter monkey and only have to deal with it that one week, and it’s also horrible if you’re a manager with an earlier start / later finish. The two ideas – that the working hours are inhumane for counter monkeys, and that they are inhumane for managers – those are not mutually exclusive. That is to say, they can both exist at the same time. You shoudn’t say “well, my situation’s wronger than yours, therefore yours isn’t important”.

On a good note, I only have two days of this job left to go. Woot.


One Comment on “By the way: A Fallacy”

  1. Kirsten says:

    Woot for leaving!

    By the way…

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