Metal Vs. Pop

Oooooh….. tough call…..!!!!

Right, let’s ignore the music. Yes, yes, I can hear you all having heart attacks. Stave them off, ok? Ignore that tingling feeling in your left arm….

What about teh womenz?

So, you have Pop. Women are everywhere. And I mean everywhere. As lead singers, backing singers, in all-female bands, the works. But how many of them sing about anything other than a man? Or getting a man? Or singing to a man?*
Don’t get me started on the Pussycat Dolls.

Or, you have Metal. Women are thin on the ground. Mainly because one of the status symbols of a metaller is a beard the size of a small badger clutching to your chin. But when they are about – and this tends to be as lead singers, so their difference and rarity is further emphasised – they get to sing about death, and evil, and…. stuff…..
Things that aren’t men.
For example – Within Temptation’s song Mother Earth.

Would either pop or metal pass the Bechdel-Wallace test, as adapted for music — two or more women in a band, who sing about something other than a man?*


Continue the research.

And when I say “continue the research”, what I mean is I want lots of opinions please!

*Slightly worryingly, the Spice Girls pass the test, with various songs about ‘girl power’, and loving their mothers.


5 Comments on “Metal Vs. Pop”

  1. Kirsten says:

    Me thinks you’ll have to go for lesbian bands to find many which pass.

  2. xxx r. says:

    *grins* that ought to be cheating, I’m sure, but I’ll let it slide!

  3. Alan says:

    Arcade fire are another band who would pass the adapted BW test with a fair few of their songs I think

    And apart from the fact she’s a solo artist I’d have said Ani DiFranco (sometimes) would otherwise pass the adapted test… I can’t think of any other bands I know off the top of my head though.

  4. Sam says:

    the pop music i can understand if it doesn’t fit as these ‘kids’ are talking about luuurve alot to appeal to the wider audiences, somethig the audiences can relate to hence the genre name ‘pop’ular. but then you have natasha beddingfield singing about the joys of single lifedom so does that count? also the men are just as bad its all about the love songs 4 them ( she left me now she’s gone etc etc etc snore)

    also kelly clarkson, ‘miss independant’ is about her,… but also then ends up as a love song…damn oh well i’ll keep looknig into the metal side of things btu you are probably right more than one woman in a band is something of a raeity. …bugger.


  5. hailey says:

    metal for ever \m/ 🙂

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