Ha! See, I can say “naughty” words!

So naughty, in fact, that it is still written as “C**t” in that purveyor of UK womens’ soft porn stories, Scarlet. You would think, wouldn’t you, that in an erotic story involving a woman, and yes, very probably, her cunt, it would be quite sensible to have the word in its entire four letters. But apparently this would relegate it to the Top Shelf (or, in other words, the naughty corner) for using this most forbidden of all swear words. Which brings me to ask this –

Why is “cunt” the “worst” swear word ever?
While on holiday with my family, this was one of our discussions, not resolved in any conclusive way (although well done my mother, for accurately pointing out that it may well be about the way women are generally perceived in our society….. my father sat and looked bemused, but I suppose that’s his privilege, really, isn’t it?!)

We actually started ordering them, much to my amusement, and although I’m not going to repeat such a terrible, ear-curdling list (ahem!) I will say this:

The conclusion we drew was that words related to bodily functions (shit, crap, piss-take…) were the “softest”, causing no real offense, generally speaking.
After that – generic “embarrassing” body parts, and male body parts (arse, bollocks, cock-up…) followed by allusions to masturbation and thence to sex (wanker, buggered up, screwed, fucked…) and finally, to the worst of all, female body parts (twat, and of course, CUNT)

I once got into terrible trouble for calling my little sister a “twit”. I’d just read Roald Dahl’s The Twits, and couldn’t work out what all the fuss was about.
On a different note, there was much amusement from my history teacher when the phrase “The War Against Terror”, complete with acronym, was being used a few years back. It was quickly replaced with “The War On Terror”, which is much less funny.

The strange thing, as my sister rightly pointed out (I love that girl, even if she does believe what she reads in magazines!) is that my father’s worst swear word is “cunt”, which can be heard occasionally if he’s stressed while driving.

But it’s not the worst words he knows. He wouldn’t dare, even under his breath, use the word “nigger”, “paki”, “chinky” or any other derogatory racist words. It wouldn’t even cross his mind, the words are that bad.

So why does he feel it’s acceptable to use a word that is so very derogatory and sexist?
Even he couldn’t answer that one.

By the way – I found this on my travels. Isn’t the BBC wonderful?!

in 1230AD, both Oxford and London boasted districts called ‘Gropecunte Lane’, in reference to the prostitutes that worked there. The Oxford lane was later renamed the slightly less-contentious Magpie Lane, while London’s version retained a sense of euphemism when it was changed to ‘Threadneedle Street’. Records do not show whether it was a decision of intentional irony that eventually placed the Bank of England there.


There is a legend that the old name for the crime of rape was ‘Forced Unlawful Carnal Knowledge’, and part of the punishment was that an abbreviation of the crime would be branded on the perpetrators head. Hence, people with ‘F. U. C. K.’ on their head were known to be rapists.

Oh, please let’s do that! ‘Cos then you could call someone a fuckhead and it would be sooooo much worse!


One Comment on “CUNT”

  1. Helen says:

    Firstly I would like to point out that I found this post very interesting. I would like to point this out because the only comment I actually have to make is that I think TWOT is absolutely hilarious.

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