Wow, I never knew that….

I have had a thought. Another one.
I started my list of things we need to know, because, well, we need to know them.
And it occurred to me that while I know and have experienced a fair amount to do with the female body (or, at least, my female body!) I don’t know that much about men’s bits.

For instance, I didn’t know this:
When men sleep, the build-up of urine in the bladder puts pressure on the man’s prostate gland, resulting in an erection.
There was me thinking they just have better dreams than I do!

If anybody is better informed that I am on the subject (c’mon guys, you must’ve done something in that lesson when I got told about periods!) please let me know, and I shall spread the word!

It’s possible that people may actually read these, as one of the more recent ways that someone found my blog was by typing in “can I go swimming on my period” or words to that effect.

For the record, you can, you just need to be catching the blood internally – tampon, mooncup, seasponge etc – to avoid people thinking you’re fatally wounded!


One Comment on “Wow, I never knew that….”

  1. Cookie says:

    With respect to nocturnal erections, the cause is not solely the stimulation of the prostate by the bladder while supine. In fact, this mechanical stimulation may play a limited rôle. Rather, it is thought that the mechanism involves the central nervous system. Erection is mediated through the parasympathetic nervous system, and inhibited by the sympathetic nervous system. It is interesting to note that nocturnal erections occur predominantly during REM sleep. This is because sympathetic neurones in the locus cœruleus are switched off during REM sleep, removing the sympathetic inhibition of erection. The function of nocturnal erections are to vascularise and oxygenate the penis. Note that women too experience episodes of nocturnal arousal. During REM sleep, women display vaginal, clitoral, and labial engorgement via the same neuronal mechanisms.

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