Hair, Hair!

Waxing, shaving, smothering in weird-smelling goop….. meh.
Not bothered.
I can’t be arsed to even talk about “body” hair – as though the hair on my head has nothing to do with my body?!

But “hair” hair – head hair, that’s what I’m thinking about.

Because a girl I know has returned from a year on board a ship. When she left, I had a new boyfriend, and short hair. When she returned, New Boyfriend had been Fiance for months and the short hair had grown down to my shoulders.

I used to say, when I had it short, that if you could find me a year in which I didn’t mind looking stupid, maybe I’d grow it out. This was that year.

And I’ve got my hetrosexual privilege back. Woot.
Between the ages of fifteen and eighteen, I was getting questions, teasing and insults – not all the time, not even regularly, but consistently – about the length of my hair, and what that said about my politics and my sexuality.

So let’s get things (not quite) straight!
I am a feminist. I pretty much always have been, but it’s been during the past six months or so (yes, when my hair was getting longer, O Bigotted Ones) that, thanks to Kirsten, I was able to put a label on it.
I am not a lesbian. I am sexually attracted to men, too. I say “too” because I very occaisionally find myself attracted to women. However, as I have always identified as straight, that’s what I’m sticking with. Or perhaps (not quite) straight! I wouldn’t even consider myself bisexual, because out of all of the women in my life, I’d only have considered having a proper relationship with one of them. I love her dearly. But when it comes to it, she’s completely straight, and I’m more sexually attracted to the wonderful man in my life than this wonderful woman. So that’s never going to work, really, is it?!
Now, this is the way it has been since I was old enough to be a sexual being, as it were. I rather doubt that it will change.
Certainly, cutting my hair made no difference at all. Fools.

In fact, I may cut my hair again next summer. This summer was too hot, and not particularly comfortable. And I can always wear scarves in the winter.
And when I do, I won’t be attracted to women any more than I am now.

You silly, silly people.

And, for the amusement of the crowd, I leave you with this:

Random Drunk Bloke: [comment indicating sexual interest in My Friend]
My Friend: I’m a lesbian.
Random Drunk Bloke: Wow!! What does it feel like?!


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