…. On Marriage

Yes, I know, it’s a bit of a jump from one post to the next, but ho hum.

Once again the Carnival of Feminists has come up with some fascinating things, not least a post about some very, very strange people. The comment thread is definitely worth a read, although at points I was torn between giggling, despairing and wanting to throw bricks at people.

Anyway, so the post itself was talking about a group of “Marriage Defense” bloggers — basically, as I see it, bloggers who want to “defend” marriage from Teh Evilz “Homosexualists” (this last, a word that they actually use — you can see why I wanted to giggle!)

I may be wrong. If I am, they are of course perfectly welcome to come and tell me so, assuming they know where to find me. But I don’t think I am. Presumably this is all very American, as we do now have some inclining in the UK that equality might just be a good thing.

I digress.

On a rather silly forwarded email I was once sent, I found the following definition of marriage:

MARRIAGE : Union which allows two individuals to withstand problems they would not have incurred had they remained single.

Ok, it is a bit silly. It’s lighthearted mockery. But it’s kind of true.

Simply because in that definition, there is no mention of gender or sexual orientation.

Marriage isn’t neccessarily about sex. Or children. It could just be companionship. It could be as a religious ceremony. It could be that the pair simply want to formalise ‘a union to the exclusion of all others’. It could be for tax benefits, or any number of other reasons. See the following for some reasons why a couple may wish to marry or register a civil partnership as opposed to cohabiting.

And the above statements being the case, I don’t think the genders or orientations of the two individuals matter.

Quite frankly, I don’t see what business it is of anybody else if I want to give a woman I love the same rights (or at least most of them) that she would have were she a man.
And yes, you could tell me to ‘just make a will’ — but that’s a lot of effort, really, considering that if she were a man and I married her, she’d automatically be assumed to hold those rights and I wouldn’t have to bother making a will.
And no, I don’t think saying “but…. but….. it just is like this because it’s always been like this and we couldn’t possibly change because it’s always been like this….” is any kind of argument.
Things change. Get over it.

So yeah. Marriage. And very strange people. Woop. I’m glad I live in the UK.


One Comment on “…. On Marriage”

  1. Fannie says:

    Thanks for the shoutout 😉

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