….. Again, On Marriage

But this one is different.
Go and read this. “Why I want a wife” is scary. Rather like the way that some entries under the “humour and satire” header of Literotica are actually more erotic than many others, since they are at least well written, this is scary because it seems like it could be true.

But I don’t want a “wife”.
For one thing, I practice “kitchen fascism” — to coin a phrase of my mother’s, used to describe the way everything must be in its proper place, or else.
I don’t think I would get along very well with the “wife” this article describes.
Also, I prefer to sort out my own bodily maintainance. I’d find it weird if somebody else told me one afternoon “I’ve made you a dentist appointment for [whenever], ok?”

Well, I could be scared at so much of this, but really, I think I only need say one thing:

The wife depicted in this article is not acting as a wife, but as a mother, to her husband. (Apart from the sex bits, of course, at which point she is acting as his prostitute.)

And I should think, if you’re old enough to get married, you’re old enough to not need a woman to mother you.

It’s no wonder I feel so repulsed by this mythical “wife”. I don’t get much mothering from my Mum, let alone anyone else!


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