Ok, I have an answer.
Remember that fly in the ointment of society, Creepy Guy?
Well, I found a really, really entertaining way of dealing with him…..

Two days ago: Me in a bad mood, life is grumpy-making. Many things have made me irritable. I wander off towards the library, killing some time (it is too late in the day to go jobhunting and in any case it would probably not be a good plan with my current frame of mind) when….

Young Creepy Guy: [directed at me] He-e-e-ey, SEXY!

So, I stop walking. I don’t slow, I don’t speed up, I just stop dead about five feet away from him. And then I turn back. And I walk very deliberately.

YCG: [looking disconcerted] I was just saying you were sexy….
Me: [Coldly] You know most girls don’t like you doing that, don’t you?
YCG: [hopefully] Do…. you like it?
Me: [disbelieving] No. I hate it. Don’t do it again.

And I turn my back on him, and walk away. Nothing more is said whilst I am within earshot.

Ok, I have to say, there are good reasons why this worked.

  1. My body language implied aggression and power.
  2. He wasn’t expecting it.
  3. He looked about seventeen, and was probably therefore still somebody’s little boy, or pupil.
  4. I looked older than I was. I was dressed for job hunting, (to impress) and there is nothing that screams “authority” than your favourite ‘smart’ clothes!
  5. I used a tone of voice that also screamed “authority”. It was the voice that a teacher or parent would use to signify “you are in the wrong and I am now reprimanding you”.
  6. Taking into account 2, 3 and 4, his instinct would be to defer to me, woman or no.

So I’m not sure what an older man’s reaction would be if I did the same thing.
But I think it has to be tried, at least if the opportunity arises in a time and place that I’m comfortable with.

I shall of course post any results I come up with.

And lest anybody misinterpret me, I am not advocating this as a fail-safe solution. I merely want to test the theory. I would also say that it could do with refining. Presenting it as a question could have backfired on me, and I think saying something along the lines of “That makes me uncomfortable. Don’t do it” may work better. Any suggestions for the ultimate one line put-down to the usual address, please!

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