What Are Teenage Girls Really Thinking?

I’m a little late with this article, from the Guardian, but hey, I had other things on my mind.

And that, it seems, is precisely the point. I had other things on my mind. I’m not cruel enough to inform you of everything that goes on in my head, because frankly, a lot of it is quite scary. Having said that, the following may give you some idea of where I’ve been (mentally) for the last little while….

  • My upcoming job interview.
  • Whether I could do without pockets in my trousers (I couldn’t).
  • Food, and whether I could be arsed to actually cook (I couldn’t).
  • The Pill, and how it annoys me.
  • Conversely, sex, and how much nicer it is for me being on the pill.
  • Online application forms, and how much they annoy me.
  • My friends currently at Uni, or preparing for it.
  • Where that fiver in my pocket had got to.
  • Whether I felt like embarking on a painting project (I didn’t)
  • A Constant Princess, by Philippa Gregory
  • Commander Keen, a very old DOS game. You kill slugs, and blue things.
  • More food. I still couldn’t be arsed to cook.
  • The Carnival of Feminists, and whether I should get distracted (I shouldn’t, but did).

I did not, however, think about any of the following things, as the Daily Mail thinks I should:

  • Make up (I’m allergic. It bores me.)
  • Cellulite (if you’re close enough to see my naked arse, do you really care?!)
  • Chick Lit (though I did throw a wobbly in Waterstones the other day, pleading for a book that wasn’t packaged in pink, or about love)
  • The hairiness of my body (see cellulite; plus, male bodily hair has never put me off…!)
  • My horoscope (um, no thanks – I’d almost rather have organised religion)
  • Vogue, or any other “stupid drivel-purveyors to the masses” as I like to know them as*

Well, what can we conclude?
Perhaps I am being a little unfair to the Guardian, since it does seem to be focussed on the mid-teen age range, and I am indeed a little past the age of reading Bliss.
However, it is with a due sense of sadness and reluctance that I decide that the Mail has, once again, both failed miserably in its assessment of women and its capacity to write interesting and informative articles.**

*I include the Mail in this objectionable category
** And, of course, I’m not really sad or reluctant to label the Mail like this. I rather enjoy villifying it, if only because I believe it sums up everything that has conspired to make my Gran a nervous wreck, terrified of the entire world, which, according to the the Mail, is out to get her.


2 Comments on “What Are Teenage Girls Really Thinking?”

  1. Cruella says:

    Hey Rachel, great blog, well done, I’ll add you to my blogroll shortly. Cru

  2. Kirsten says:

    Woo! You have a blog roll! I feel special.

    Also Wednesday would be good for breakfast, as I’m seeing Helen on Tuesday. I left my phone charger in Cam, so my phone might die soon. Xxx k

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