…. And Another Thing!

Ok, I’m sorry. It’s probably not a good plan to be roaming blogland all evening. It does tend to make me rather angry. But this really was a second thought, so I feel justified. And I get to attempt to post pictures.

Now, to be fair, looking at the Girls’ Annual and Boys’ Annual was never a good move. And I didn’t have to do it. But I kind of wanted to see if anything had changed much with the gender thing. And perhaps I was overly optimistic because the cover of the Girls’ Annual wasn’t pink. It was red.

Sadly, that’s as good as it was going to get.

So look at these, then look me in the eye (at least metaphorically) and tell me that there is no need for feminism.

Yes, that’s right, folks — it’s really a Girls’ World all along, and the foolish feminists were just too blind to see! Wow. I feel like I’ve seen the light. And look — handbag bingo!!! Just what every girl can relate to… And gosh, all those features about how to beautify yourself, and quizzes about what perfume I’d be…. I may swoon with exitement!
Wait, wait… It’s stopped being pastel-coloured, pink and cutesy… what’s going on?! My brain is melting, for I am but a weak and feeble woman…. er…. oh, it’s the Boys’ Annual…..
Damn, guys, look at those colours. Nothing remotely fluffy there, eh chaps? And, what fun – the only cooking you’ll have to do is learn to make Freakish Food. Don’t worry though, the girls have got it covered – they know how to make Candy Cookies now! Which leaves you free to be a superhero, or learn how to make explosions – spiffing!


One Comment on “…. And Another Thing!”

  1. Cindi Knox says:


    You know, if we’ don’t build a wall, those feminist aliens will keep sneaking into boys world.

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