Mark Steel: A Slightly Odd Idol

I’m going to assume that he won’t mind me quoting his book, Reasons To Be Cheerful, which I have been reading to cheer myself up. One of the best bits?

“Listening to fruitcake views – that the firemen’s strike was organized by the Kremlin or that social security gives every Pakistani a new car – always feels like a two-pronged assault. There’s the depressing experience of hearing someon talk such rubbish. But just as exasperating is that the argument is so blatantly illogical, causing the same frustration as if someone insists it’s Tuesday on a Thursday.”

Go and read his book. Go on. Even if you’re not English and the politics means little to you. Even if you are English and the politics means little to you. Even if you already know more about the politics than you care to inflict on yourself.
Just read it. One, it’s funny. And two, he’s a sensible, normal person.

Albeit a sensible, normal person who got expelled aged 13 for eating a banana in a corridor, got fired from a job for sending a note to his boss explaining that he wasn’t a robot to be pushed in whatever direction his boss chose, went on the dole and lived in a legal squat with perpetually bike-less bikers and a hippy that smoked the plant he’d bought to make the place look more cheerful.


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