For Now

I have many half formed ideas for posts, but I’m suffering from a lassitude brought on by a cold, the start of my period, and a lack of food, so for now I’m merely saying that I haven’t disappeared, and will be back.
Oh, and that if Alan wants an explanation as to why he was told to Fuck Off by Kirsten, he should ask me, on this blog, and he will get one when I have finished feeling crap. However, this is on the condition that he actually reads my response thoroughly and carefully, and tries to put aside his own preconceptions of what I may or may not be saying.
Also, a thank you to everybody (including Alan) who has responded to my plea for Great Female Leaders. I shall be posting them up properly just as soon as I have done some research of my own.


4 Comments on “For Now”

  1. Kirsten says:

    Poor Kristen. Getting such a bad reputation, all because silly people cannot spell my name properly.

  2. Alan says:

    I’d be quite keen to hear your views on why not many women are seen as great leaders, from a more than purely numerical viewpoint and what you see the way forward as. As far as I can see it’s likely to be a combination of these two views:

    1) Women are discouraged or more reluctant to develop/express qualities traditionally held as good leadership.


    2) Leadership styles other than “iron fist” can be very effective, but are not recognised as such very often. We should recognise these more, and encourage more approaches to leadership.

    Basically what I’m asking is would you like people to recognise other qualities than those traditionally seen good leadership qualities as qualities of great leaders (where appropriate obviously) or to see more women expressing (or feeling more comfortable whilst doing so perhaps?) the traditional leadership qualities?

    I can’t promise that I’ll have anything much to say or add to your views on this whole issue, and it’s something I don’t actually have a particularly strong view on, although I am quite interested in it. I will definitely read it though.


    (P.S. This all also links back to some wider issue on learning/education and gender that I’m quite interested in at the moment that I’ve not really talked about much since it doesn’t seem to be related to anything you’re interested in talking about)

    (P.P.S. I’m also interested to hear why Kirsten told me to “Fuck Off” — I have my suspicions already, but I’d like to know)

  3. Kirsten says:

    Also, I hope you feel better soon. And you should put the letter verification thing on.

  4. Rachel says:

    Sean Greenbek sounds like a knob. I suggests that he shuts the fuck up and does not return until he learns some manners.

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