Another addition to The List::

Kevin Doran, who seems to have become incapable of making a reasoned argument.

Or reading a comment policy.*

For the record, it is not big or clever to deliberately set up a situation whereby your comment is deleted, in order that you may point, laugh and say “ha ha you feminists are shit; you won’t let me say what I want to say”, as I believe he has done.

*It is, in fact, common politeness to abide by a blogger’s comment policy. And it is common sense to try to keep your comments on-topic. Off-topic comments are not interesting; that’s why you have your own blog.


3 Comments on “Another addition to The List::”

  1. Kirsten says:

    To be fair, I don’t have an official comment policy.

    And it’s the ranting in an off-topic way and then throwing a hissy fit when I refuse to respond I have an issue with.

    And now I have to go and take my drugs, because I am a crazy person.

  2. Cruella says:

    Yes your blog, your rules, anyone who doesn’t like having their posts deleted can go write their own blog, thus satisfying their need for “free speech”. Having said that I tend to leave up ridiculous person insult comments as I figure they say a lot more about the commenter than about me. I will however take down offensive remarks about others. Unlike some sites…

  3. Kirsten says:

    GAAAAAH. Read the last comment.

    I responded tell him not to make up stuff about me but then thought better of it. But he will see that I’ve commented and deleted. GAAAAAH.

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