Be disgusted:

This is American.

The age of consent in America is 18.

That girl is a girl; ie, a lot younger than 18.

And she’s wearing a T-Shirt with the words “Mike’s Girl” above a heart-framed picture of a guy (presumably ‘Mike’) with his arms around her.
And a pair of knickers with the word “Mike’s” on it.


She’s practically prepubescant!
And some dickhead has decided to use her in an advert to market “sexy clothing” that clearly implies that both she and her cunt (presumably for sexual purposes) are the property of “Mike”, whoever the fuck “Mike” is.

This is what feminism is about – protecting girls and women from the crap that flies their way every single day, just because their genitalia goes in instead of out.


2 Comments on “Be disgusted:”

  1. Sam says:

    urgh i now feel dirty. i must show you and or blog about abstinence balls in america its simlar to this. girls dresss up in prm dresses and their dates are their dad’s, they swear never to have sex before marriage when they will give themelves to their partner.

    because the most ‘importnat’ man in a woman’s life is her father till the husband comes and takes the woman and then the husband is the most important person.


    will show u the article also has an article about a male feminist đŸ™‚

  2. Fannie says:


    “Feminism is dead” indeed.

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