BBC Sports Personality of the Year – or, Perhaps I Should Have Seen That One Coming

Last night found me watching the BBC Sports Personalities of the Year.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have done that, but J wanted to see Lewis Hamilton (who came second, AGAIN! — Dammit, I had a headline with that one!) so, as he is feeling sniffly and ill, I humoured him and watched. This decision was in no way influenced by the fact that I get slightly lecherous over Lewis Hamilton.


So I knew it would be an old-boy’s network – because we all know that sports are only for real men, and the only real sports are for men. Well, I say ‘we all know’ – I don’t think it had registered with J, particularly, but then again, he only watches motorsport.

But there were women – honest.

There was Paula Radcliffe, who had a baby and came back – *gasp* – “and the question that every Mum wants to know, Paula, is – how did you do it so quickly?” Gushed the female presenter.
Not, tell us how the last year went for you. Not, how did you feel you performed in X.

No, because now she is a Mother, and therefore, what she has to say will only be of interest to other mothers. How does it feel to have your audience narrowed for you so quickly, Paula? That would have been a much more interesting question.

There was a little old lady who won the “unsung hero” award.

Oh, and there was a Ladies’ Football Team – who did much better than their male counterparts, the male presenter informed us.

Right before walking up to the team with the words, “hello, girls”.
Yes, that’s right. “Girls“.

It’s just a hunch of mine, but you know, I was fairly sure that they had all been through puberty. Which would make them women, actually, or ladies. Not girls.

In fact, I was so busy shouting at the TV for this blunder, I almost failed to notice that the clips that followed had no relation to the Ladies’ team – being, as they were, footage of men.

Don’t men get enough coverage anyway?

This reminds me why
a) I don’t watch TV, and
b) I don’t follow sports.

I see enough men in daily life, without the media trying to tell me that while men can be and do whatever the hell they want, the only women in existence are “girls” or “mothers”.

I myself am neither, and I am fairly certain I exist.


One Comment on “BBC Sports Personality of the Year – or, Perhaps I Should Have Seen That One Coming”

  1. Fannie says:

    As a lifelong athlete, I often find that it is difficult to be a feminist and watch/read sports media.

    I really enjoy, for instance, watching baseball and (American) football. But in order to do so, I have to sort of silence the feminist part of me that is telling me “look at how much coverage, money, and fame these male athletes get compared to female athletes who are just as dedicated and work just as hard as the men”!

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