If I were going to be a full-time “Leftist Gender Warrior“, I’d look like THIS:

Ooooh yeah!

Since I’m only in it part-time at the moment, I look like THIS:

I get complaints from J every time I mention the words [“cut” “all” “hair” “off” “dye” “red”] you see. *sigh*
And in real life, I’m not meant to set fire to the floor.

But the cat SO has wings.

We call her Cat. I think she appreciates this. In any case, she is definitely evil enough to become my panther companion/minion when I upgrade to full-time!

Make your own here.
And then cackle.


One Comment on “WOOF!”

  1. Fannie says:


    I like your choice of sidekicks!

    I couldn’t decide on one, as they block the view of the superhero!

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