On Colours:

Last night, my brother and I were sprawling on the floor of my bedroom, sorting through small squares of brightly coloured paper. We were feeling artistic.

He held two colours up for my approval: a nice bright pink, and a very dark pinkish crimson – too dark for pink, but too pink for red; it’s one of my favourite colours (which must of course be because I’m a woman, and therefore used to the look of blood-coloured things).

I told him I thought they were good choices, and his earnest and heartfelt opinion was:

“I like pink too. I can like pink – it’s just a colour – and if any of the boys laughed, I would just tell them that they were silly and it’s a nice colour.”

He got a double high-five for being a very cool brother.
For a boy of six and a half (he’d be very cross if I missed out the half!), who is, like any child of that age, easily influenced by peer pressure, I think he’s bloody brilliant.

But of course he would be – he’s my brother!

3 Comments on “On Colours:”

  1. tigtog says:

    Good for him that he wants to fight the pressure to conform to simplistic pink-hating boyness. Long may his convictions last!

  2. Anastasiya Vladimirovna Lychyova says:

    I agree with Tig
    I only hope the harrasment from boys stays verbal

  3. Kirsten says:

    Rach, you need to put word verification on for blog comments.

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