And Another Thing:

We found this video on YouTube when I was round at Kirsten’s yesterday. Then, on the way home, some wanker thought it was appropriate to beep at me whilst driving past. Coincidence, or something more sinister?!

A scrub is a guy that thinks he’s fly and is
also known as a buster
always talkin’ about what he wants
and just sits on his broke ass
so (no)
I don’t want your number
no I don’t wanna give you mine
and no I don’t wanna meet you nowhere
no I don’t want none of your time and no

I don’t want no scrub
a scrub is a guy that can’t get no love from me
hanging out the passenger side
of his best friend’s ride
trying to holler at me
I don’t want no scrub

Also, in a nostalgic aside, remember how 90’s music videos were always so focussed on mad futuristic looks?! Yay for 90’s crappy music!!


3 Comments on “And Another Thing:”

  1. Menstrual Poetry says:

    Oh the memories!

  2. Kirsten says:

    That night i had a dream with a TLC song in it. It was wierd.

  3. Fannie says:

    Ahhahahahaha. I remember when that song was SO popular.

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