On Joining the Massed Ranks of the Unemployed

Today is my second day of freedom (I’m not counting the weekend, which is a freedom of another kind). The second day in a row that I haven’t had to set my alarm, drag myself out of bed in the wee pre-dawn hours and sleep on the bus on the way to work.

It is also the fourth day in a row that I have woken up spontaneously and, it would appear, of my own free will, in the wee pre-dawn hours. Frustratingly enough, I’m waking earlier now that I don’t have to get to work than I ever did when I was working.

On the other hand, things have happened, and the morning has only just finished, so maybe it’s no bad thing. In all my other holidays, I haven’t even seen the morning.

My colleagues were very lovely when I left, and gave me a rather tasteful card – no baby pink or bunnies or stupid teddies anywhere in sight, just bright red, purple and silver. And balloons. Which was nice.

Of course, some people can’t resist having the last laugh, and when I eventually got around to reading the whole thing, I found this little gem:
“Rachel! All be best for the future. Remember what I said: Jesus is the way! Love & God bless…”

I forgive him, of course, because he meant well.
And because, funnily enough, Christians don’t hold the monopoly on turning the other cheek.

But I have to say, I did find it frustrating.

Not once, not even a little bit, did I suggest that he would be better off without his religion. Not at all, not ever. Oh, we had discussions on religion from time to time, but I was very careful not to cause offence. Besides, it’s always better to err on the side of caution – just because I don’t think that God exists doesn’t mean that God feels the same way, after all!

But seriously – theres this certain breed of person that truly and charitably believes that it’s their duty to bring me to the light.
Personally, I like the dark side


But silliness aside, I find it insulting when people of one faith try to persuade people of another to change. My worship, or lack of, is no business of anybody but me and whichever deity I choose to involve. And if it turns out that Jesus was behind the sofa the whole time, no doubt I shall apologise. In the meantime, I wish to be left to my rather unsociable position of disbelief, and I will leave anybody who wants a weekly party to their religion. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of tolerance!

*I can’t make the picture larger; the slogan reads “come to the dark side, we have cookies!”