A Thought About The Wage Gap

From time to time, when I can commandeer J’s cool, brilliant-for-playing-violent-games PC, I hop online to play World of Warcraft.
WoW is a multi-player, role-playing, first person shooting kind of a game. So I get the pleasure of knowing that whilst I’m running around in my little virtual world, shooting at virtual boars with a (really shiny) virtual crossbow, about 4 million other people are doing the same thing (and, quite often, killing the last boar, which was the one I needed to finish that quest, dammit!)

Anyway, I was chatting to J about things I wanted to do to really drive home to people what it can mean to be a woman.
And it struck me that you can choose, in WoW, whether the character that you play will be male or female.

So here’s a suggestion:

Let’s give anybody who creates a female character on average 75% of the rewards you get for doing quests. You know, just like how in the real world, women in the UK earn about 75% of what men do. Just because they’re ladies. With simple lady minds.

And then let’s see how long it takes the WoW gamers to figure out what’s going on.

And how long it takes them to change it.

I personally think that this idea is truly fucking brilliant, so please – if you want to use it – quote me, okay?!


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