My Very First Lecture

My lecturer* has already annoyed me, with one simple sentence:

“I’m a typical woman – I’m not good with spacial awareness, so I’ve drawn this graph. You can throw things at me now.”

Tempting though it is to dissect this, I’ve decided to restrain myself to saying merely this: that it should not be “typically female” to create a graph (of something that can be very easily illustrated in this way, I might add) that is for the purposes of better teaching your students. It should be common sense to keep things easy to understand.

Also, as it happens, it was indeed very tempting to throw things at her. I didn’t, because I don’t want to be kicked off the course and she has overall control of my year group.

*as may be obvious from this, I have finally arrived at university. I did all of my formal registration today, then went straight to a lecture and an “introduction to the computer system”-style workshop. Now my head hurts, but I have eaten soup, so my hunger levels are better.


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