A Change Is As Good As A Feast

Once, in the dim and distant past, I had a different blog.
This blog was of the “and today I had tea” variety.
Because of this, and because at the time I was much less circumspect about the kind of information I gave out, I am slowly deleting my old blog.
It didn’t matter at the time what I said about my family, or my friends, or just my life in general, because the only people who ever read what I wrote were my friends. But now, I’m a lot more cautious. Just in case my readership increases vastly.
You never know.

However, this old blog saw my transition from drunken teenager to angry feminist, a transition that sometimes – rather frighteningly – made me a drunken, angry, teenaged feminist.
Which means that for the next little while, I’ll be reposting things that have appeared elsewhere in the past.

Be afraid, be very afraid!

And so I leave you with a picture that I originally posted a long time ago, having found it gracing the wonderful Fat Rant Blog:


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