A Perfectly Normal Conversation

Yesterday, I went to see my sister at her uni. Mum brought my brother up and we all went to have pizza. So far, so normal. Until….

Sister: “I bet J’s glad you’re in a flat with all girls”
Me (thinking that she means, ‘so he can ogle’): *glare* “no”
Sister: “no, not like that, just, you know, because there aren’t any guys there…”
Me (getting that she means ‘so there’s no competition’): “well, that doesn’t stop me coming on to the girls, does it?”
Mum: “….. are we talking theoretically here…?”
Me: “um…. no….”
Mum: “so, are you trying to say that J is a woman?”
Me: “No!”
Mum (thinks about this for a while): “oh…..”
Me: “anyway…. what are your flatmates like?”

Fun times.
For the record, I am not coming on to any of my flatmates. That would be strange.


One Comment on “A Perfectly Normal Conversation”

  1. Catchpole says:

    your mum is awesome

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