This Should Be Obvious

To the charming German speaker who somehow turned up at my blog after searching for “sexxx girl”:

You are very much in the wrong place. You silly, silly person.

Although, it is not really your fault that the search engine you used to find wank fodder was crap and picked out my blog because I used the word “girl” recently.

I swear, I cannot make this shit up. And I’m imaginative.

2 Comments on “This Should Be Obvious”

  1. A Cuban In London says:

    That was witty and thoughtful. I hada similar experience recently when I used a poem by a US writer of Mexican and American ascendence, Sandra Cisneros, and because it contained words related to female genitalia, I got a deluge of e-mails asking me on a date. I am a 36-year-old bloke (almost 37) with a family and here I was, inundated by proposals to bed with strangers. Odd and scary.

    Greetings from London.

  2. Rachel says:

    Why thank you!
    I was aiming for sarcastic, but witty will do 😉
    Luckily my lovely German friend didn’t hang around to offer me sex – that would have made it bizarre in the extreme!
    And thanks for the greetings from London – having moved to Sheffield, I do miss my city.

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