I Did It!

It only took me three episodes of Blackadder to finally finish; I know the picture quality isn’t brilliant but the only camera I have is my webcam, so bear with me…


The Companion Cushion!


It is a hand-knitted, hand-sewn, hand-stolen-stuffing-from-my-pillow work of art! I is a genius! Unfortunately, I hear that Valve are bringing out Companion Cubes in plush form, and as a set of fluffy car cubes, thus replacing fluffy D20’s as the most overt display of geekery in car form. So I think I might be a little late.

Below is what the real Companion Cube looks like. I think I did rather well, considering that I’d only ever knitted stripes before.

2 Comments on “I Did It!”

  1. Kirsten says:


    (Now go back to revision.)

  2. Sam says:

    its amazing!!!! i’m so impressed, do bring it with you so i can coo some more. i too am doing uni work right at this second….

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