Just for you, Llencelyn

I don’t usually post pictures of myself online. In fact, there aren’t many pictures of me to be found anywhere. I’m elusive that way.

But then I stumbled across Llencelyn’s blog, and I got a little scared. Here’s two pictures of me, and a picture of her, so that everybody else can be scared, too. Llencelyn, be warned. If ever you grow your hair out, or need glasses, this is what you will look like.





3 Comments on “Just for you, Llencelyn”

  1. Sam says:

    someone has an evil twin.

  2. llencelyn says:

    Wow. That’s… uncanny.

  3. Rachel says:

    Tell me about it!
    But unless Llencelyn’s part of the mad Anglo-Indian clan (by which I mean anybody descended from the mostly illegitimate offspring of Indians and British/Dutch/Portuguese colonial types), I don’t think we’re actually related…

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