Back To The Dark Ages?

As though I needed another reason to get annoyed with the TV licensing people (3 increasingly intimidating letters, with overuse of CAPS LOCK and red ink of doom, which made me think of them as real-life trolls), I’ve now had this fabulous conversation:

Woman taking call: And can I take your name, please?

Me: Yes, it’s Rachel [Surname]

Her: Is that “miss” or “mrs”?

Me: Neither, it’s “ms”, thank you.

Her: Oh… and how can I help you today, miss [Surname]?

Throughout the entire conversation, she tried her hardest, but couldn’t quite get that “ms” is not the same as “miss”. I didn’t say anything to her. I know she probably had a script to read and a lousy, badly designed database to fill out, and I knew she was trying to be polite. But I will add it to my list of reasons to be angry with the TV people. Their demands that I call them, at my own expense, to tell them that I don’t own a TV and therefore don’t owe them any money at all, didn’t help.


3 Comments on “Back To The Dark Ages?”

  1. Peter says:

    Did they offer to send someone around to check you weren’t fibbing? That’s their usual style.

  2. Rachel says:

    Why yes, yes they did!

  3. Butterflywings says:

    Ah yes, the people who don’t quite get the concept of ‘Ms’…*sigh*.

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