Reposting: The Egg

I’ve got no good reason to repost this. It was pretty damned disgusting the first time round. But for some reason, I couldn’t just delete it. And I’m off to buy eggs in a moment, so it’s almost relevant!

It was the kind of thing that made me think that vegans have a point.
Because, when I was making breakfast this morning, I cracked the egg into the bowl, only to see a huge, bloody eye – all that had formed, pretty much – of a three-day-old chick staring back up at me.
I apologise for being disgusting and graphic, but it freaked me out, if it’s any consolation. I should have known something was wrong – and on one level I did – when I cracked the egg and the yolk just started to pour out. Unfortunately for me, I was curious, and hungry, and thought I’d probably just broken it myself. So I carried on… and then there was blood, and an eye, and a tiny beak, and a little red patch that would have been the rest of its body, just lying there in the bowl.
It turns out that I am incredibly squeamish when it comes to partially formed dead baby animals. So I cried out, dropped what remained of the egg, backed away and burst into tears.
I felt that I – metaphorically as well as literally – had its blood on my hands, although the rational part of me knew full well that after being in a fridge for three days, it was never going to live. I don’t think that would have bothered me, had it not, in the way it was curled, looked so much like a human feotus from an ultrasound scan. Except with a beak.

That didn’t stop me eating a truly excellent sausage sandwich, cooked for me by J, in consideration of my emotional state, ten minutes later. And it doesn’t change my views on abortion, or indeed veganism. It just made me pause for a moment.


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