The Invisible Woman

… That would be me, probably. At least for the next week or so.

This semester, most of my modules don’t assess us with continuous homework handed in each week. Instead, they give us 3-4 peices of coursework, which make up 15-20% of the final mark.

I’d hoped this would mean feeling like there was less work. But no.

I got an email yesterday that gave me one peice of coursework, and then two of my lecturers this morning gave me coursework as well.

The other lecturer this morning reminded us that the work we were doing in his tutorial yesterday is due in at the start of his (morning) lecture tomorrow. I haven’t finished it yet.

I am now formally running away from the internet until my work is done.*

*Although talking to / seeing people in real life that I’ve made plans with is, of course, a perfectly valid distraction, and should not harm my marks!


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