I become more and more like a big feminist stereotype every day.

First there was the cutting-off-all-my-hair thing, which grew back, of course, because hair does that, but the thought was there! Then there was the not-cutting-off-any-of-my-body-hair thing, which meant that I quite rapidly became quite hairy – it all grew back, because hair does that!

And now, I’ve been going bra-less.

It’s actually really nice. And I can’t quite believe how it can have taken me so long to work it out. I kind of had it in my head as something you have to do, like put socks on before putting on your shoes. But no! It turns out that I can forgo wearing a bra, put my top on, and even so, still remain completely comfortable and not at all inappropriately naked. Wow.

Of course, my breasts aren’t really that big. If bra sizes actually meant anything, I could share my breast size with the world, but because they don’t, I may as well just say that they’re big enough to fall into my armpits a little when I’m lying in bed, but small enough to not form a cleavage on their own.

Writing that makes me wonder how many men would understand the idea. Because I’m sure that most women would know exactly what I mean.

You know, it’s only been four days of not wearing a bra, and already I’m kind of forgetting the “lack”. Although it is slightly strange to feel my breasts in a different place. It’s only now that I realise just how much wearing a bra alters your shape. The bras that I thought were just there for support turn out to have been hoiking my breasts up unnaturally high.

And for the revalation that wearing a bra is not always necessary, I have a woman in my Medieval Society to thank. All she did was to ask me to hold her top down while she took off her jumper – the only drawback to not wearing a bra being that a top that rides up is a little more of an issue. But that casual request got me thinking. And now, it would seem, bra-lessness is catching!

9 Comments on “Bra-lessness”

  1. Lee H says:

    Waitaminute! I totally told you that you didn’t need a bra just the other week. Panties are also usually unnecessary.

    Now, socks. SOCKS. Socks are almost infinitely useful. AND YET! There are times that socks just should not be worn at all – when wearing fuzzy slippers, when wearing sandals, when by the pool/beach, when crushing grapes, when practising guitar in your bedroom, when doing aerobics, when being a hippie, when practising guitar in somebody else’s bedroom, when already wearing a pair of socks… the list goes on*.

    There’s also the golden rule in the art of getting naked for sexy fun times** that socks should be removed before one’s trousers/skirt/dress is sexily discarded. Granted, this rule is more relevant to men, but there’s not a human on the planet who can’t get some use or insight out of it. It is important.

    Anyway, congratulations on your new underwear choice! The Internet greatly appreciates the information, though I am quite wounded that I did not hear about it first.

    If you ever decide to get your hair cut short again please let me go with you because the idea excites me very much.

    * But not here.
    ** It is an art. I have a Ph.D.

  2. Rachel says:

    Ah, no. Knickers I will keep. It means I have to wash my jeans less frequently, and that, when it takes me the best part of 3 hours to do the washing, is a very good thing.
    Also, removal of socks is not strictly speaking necessary for sexy fun times. But then again, I would argue that removal of most clothes is not strictly speaking necessary…!

  3. Lee H says:

    True that the removal of clothing isn’t necessary for sexy fun times, however in the instances where de-trousering does occur than a de-socking should have happened prior to it, lest one should be made a fool!

  4. Rachel says:

    Unless, after the de-trousering commences, it is found that the socks in question are particularly sexy socks!
    And I notice that you say nothing of underwear. Underwear is particularly important to note after de-trousering has commenced. What if, for example, the underwear in question was lemon yellow, whilst the socks were black? Would the socks still be the garments least conducive to sexy fun times? The internet is curious.

  5. Lee H says:


    I am sad that I seem to have misplaced my starry socks. =(

    I can buy other starry socks but they are yucky colours. I want black socks with white stars!

    However I did buy some totally awesome black and white checkedy socks recently. If I kick high enough perhaps a car race would begin??

    If I’ve learned anything from this discussion it’s that “starry” is a real word but “checkedy” isn’t. Perhaps because “checkedy” means the same thing as “checked” except it’s cuter. It makes me smile that “starry” is a real word. It is a good way of describing many things. Another real word is “rainbowy”.

    * Another kind of lemon might be a green lemon. A green lemon is a lime but a green banana is just a green banana.

  6. Rachel says:

    THEN IT WOULD NOT CHANGE ANYTHING – we are not ever going to get naked at each other!
    Well done for your cool socks, and your cool words. I am impressed. And if I find starry socks I shall buy them for you. This is an easy thing to say as I never go clothes shopping.
    Oooh, also, the Oxfam in Broomhill has a long, swooshy denim skirt in the window. I thought of you.

  7. jemimaaslana says:

    Ohhhh, I’m ever so jealous. Everytime I want to feel unconstricted I forego the bra. And it usually only take mere minutes to remind me exactly why I’m using one in the first place. It hurts to move around without it.

  8. Rachel says:

    Ouch! I feel for you.
    To be fair, I’ve not yet tried doing sword practice or running while bra-less. I suspect that when I do, I’ll have a slightly different view of bras!

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