If Only All Temp Work Could Be Like This

Yesterday and today, I have been working for a library, moving books around.

I get a fifteen-minute break in 3.5 hours, a cheerful and entertaining third-year zoologist to work with, and work that keeps me busy. Although it also covers me in dust. Whoever would have thought that books could be so mucky?!

I’ll be working with the Library and the entertaining zoologist every morning this week and next week, because I was an idiot and didn’t realise that that’s what the advert had said. I had thought that I was only working for one morning, and made plans which I’ve now had to cancel – I was not pleased.

On the other hand, there are any number of sensible reasons to do the work (mainly concerning money, and me having to be up and working every morning, but also being able to do my own thing after 1 in the afternoon every day, which technically gives me no excuse not to do that university work I was trying not to think about) and also a very silly reason, which is that I have never met anybody other than Kirsten with such a talent for turning up dead baby jokes.

For instance, when we were sorting a shelf of books about injuries to children (it’s a hospital library, it does make sense), we found one entitled “the battered baby”. She looked at it for a moment, poker-faced, before turning to me and saying “do you think it’s a serving suggestion?”

4 Comments on “If Only All Temp Work Could Be Like This”

  1. harmfulbat says:

    OMG I’m temping moving books (well journals actually) in the Uni. library…are we living parallel lives?

    Today we found a book with a sticker that said “pages missing THIS BOOK HAS BEEN MUTILATED” which is a tad dramatic!

    The following publications of one my hate list for being heavy/ stupid/annoying/ ruining our system… Science, Nature and Inside Housing.

  2. Rachel says:

    Gray’s Anatomy inspires much the same reaction in me.
    Also, who would have thought that doctors do so much colouring in?! We’ve found three different series of colouring-in books so far. Do you think I should leave them a note explaining that, rather like my genitalia*, it’s unlikely that real people will be colour-coded?

    *yeah, that feminist thing about looking at your cunt is all well and good, but I know I was surprised to discover that my clit was not perfectly round and green, like a pea, as shown in my Facts Of Life book!

  3. harmfulbat says:

    (according to my friend Christine there is a ‘Cunt Colouring Book’ to go with Cunt, maybe only in the US though)

    The British Archaeological Report is now my least favourite thing… 1000s of the bloody things, that don’t stand on sheleves properly and are all in the wrong order and have to be sorted before reshelvin. FUCK OFF ARCHAEOLGISTS!!!

    Ah well, 1 week down, 5 to go before I’m done moving!

  4. Rachel says:

    Damn, I could really do with that kind of money!
    Although, possibly not five weeks’ worth of dust…

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