On Stereotypes

A more substantial post will happen at some point, but in the meantime, have this snippet of wisdom from J:

J: You know how we were talking about stereotypes? Well, I went to get some things from Boots and the woman there was convinced I was getting them for my wife.

Me: Oh? And what were they?

J: Moisturiser and nail polish remover. I didn’t have the heart to tell her they were for Mum.

Me: *laughing* Well, they wouldn’t do me much good, would they?! [I bite my nails quite severely, and am allergic to most skin products]

J: You might use the nail polish remover.

Me: I don’t have nails to use them on!

J: Well, of course you wouldn’t use it on your nails! I just thought you might use it to destroy things with.


One Comment on “On Stereotypes”

  1. Lee H says:

    I remember once I went to buy two bottles of nail varnish at Boots and the young woman on the counter told me that they were 3 for 2 and she would wait for me to run and get another one. I got another one! Yay!

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