In Which I Continue To Navel-Gaze To Olympic Standard:

I have exams. They are more time-consuming than I thought they would be.

Also, I am still trying to find a house to rent.

Also also, I’m still working.

Some of these things are good, or have unexpectedly good consequences. For example, doing my exams means that I get to see the few people that over the course of the year, I started to consider friends, rather than acquaintances. This is a good thing, as I will most likely not see these people until they return to Sheffield, late in the Summer.

Likewise, working is a good thing, as it means that even though I have exams, I also have nails! Well. I have nails on all the fingers on my right hand, and on three of the left. I can never seem to get my thumbnails to grow. Or stay grown. I think I bit them too much, and now they’re sulking.

Working is a good thing for other reasons, too. The temp company are giving me a fair amount of work, which is nice and means that they’re more likely to keep giving me lots of work. And, most excitingly, last night, I was a waitress/kitchen porter/assistant/general dogsbody on a boat! That sailed! This may or may not be the right terminology. We were on a canal. I’m not quite sure what you call that activity, or indeed that vessel. It was big, though. Amusingly enough, the kitchen on the boat was larger than the kitchen of the flat I viewed recently. You could fit more than one person in it. Just.

Although we did bump a bit, possibly on the side of the canal. I’m not entirely sure. I don’t think we were meant to. But by that point, the party (40 women of various ages for a 40th birthday party; you could tell whose birthday it was, as she was wearing pink and feathers and a huge badge) was collectively drunk enough not to mind. They also didn’t mind the cheesy, cheesy music that the DJ put on. I forgave him, because he played Livin’ On A Prayer and I Will Survive, which are good to sing along to when you’re washing up. Especially I Will Survive. We sang that in my school choir. Although my music teacher hid it well, I suspect that she had a remarkably good sense of humour under the scary persona. She also taught us Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life. Although she did glare when one of the sixth-formers sang “life’s a peice of shit”, loudly and enthusiastically, when the lyrics we were given had it bleeped out.

Anyway. That’s almost all the navel-gazing I have time or inclination for. This afternoon, I do an exam. Then I come home and ring estate agents, elusive though they are on Saturdays.

In other news, I recently found four double-ended knitting needles (for circular knitting purposes). And I’ve got a big bag of black wool, as it was good quality and going cheap in a charity shop. I’ve also got two different shades of grey, and pink. I’m very, very tempted to try to knit a goth scarf – lots of skulls in different shades of grey, and then a rogue skull, either in pink or wearing a pink flower. But I think this may be beyond me and my somewhat limited capabilities. Does anybody have any better ideas?


2 Comments on “In Which I Continue To Navel-Gaze To Olympic Standard:”

  1. Kirsten says:

    You could make a jumper with a skull on it. Maybe.

    Also, I have a spare knitting needle. would you like it?

  2. Rachel says:

    It would be a challenge! And sure, I’ll take a spare knitting needle – I can trade it for peppermint tea if you like 🙂

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