The Exams Are Over!

Upside: this means I can go back to being paid for the work I do, as opposed to having to pay for the privilege of doing it. (And yes, I am very much aware that university – even now – is a privilege. But privilege doesn’t guarantee you food.)

Downside: Every student still here has also finished their exams. If I only get woken up once tonight, I shall count myself lucky. I was up once last night, when my flatmate rolled in at 4:30am. Last Thursday night, when about half of the student population finished their exams, I was woken four times. I didn’t get more than two hours of uninterupted sleep at a time. The past couple of weeks have felt like being 14 again, when my then-2-year-old brother was waking me up three or four times a week for cuddles at 2 in the morning.