Thank You, Captain Obvious

Cat wears paper hat with "cat" written on it. Caption reads "thank you, Captain Obvious".

The BBC informs us that the divorce rate in England and Wales is now the lowest it’s been for 29 years:

“Ayesha Vardag, a divorce lawyer involved in a landmark court win last year over a pre-nuptial agreement, said: “Our experience is that fewer couples are divorcing because fewer are marrying.””

2 Comments on “Thank You, Captain Obvious”

  1. Butterflywings says:

    That comment isn’t obvious, just idiotic: it’s the divorce *rate* (number of divorces per 1000 married couples), not the *numbers* of people divorcing.
    That said, people who get married now are the ones who really want to, rather than it just being something you do, so it makes sense that a smaller proportion would get divorced.
    It makes sense that getting married later would also contribute to the falling divorce rate; having gained some maturity and self-knowledge might make you more likely to choose the right partner for a committed relationship.

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