Things I Have Not Done

  1. killed the new plants. They are herbs this time, so I have a vested interest in keeping them alive (at least until I eat them)
  2. knitted a pig for my brother. Yes, really. He asked me specially, and we picked out the wool together. I’ll probably crochet it, actually.
  3. finished knitting the tetris blanket. But it will be very cool (and also in fact very warm) when it’s done. Probably next year.
  4. finished my homework. Dear Ceiling Cat, the homework. I would like to pray that Ceiling Cat mangles my half-done homework in her claws, so that nobody notices. And also that I miraculously learn the stuff I haven’t done.
  5. avoided panicking about my upcoming exams. I have six weeks. SIX WEEKS! What the hell?! I only finish lectures in five weeks.
  6. avoided panicking about J moving in. He’s 10 months late, but moving fast. This is terrifying, as it means I no longer get to lie diagonally in bed, and also, I’m now fretting about everything from finances to housework. Incidentally, my mother (who was recently made redundant) is now looking for another job, primarily because that means she can’t get burdened with all of the housework. This does not fill me with confidence, because the summer break is fast approaching (after the EXAMS) and I haven’t looked for jobs yet because I’ve been thinking about the EXAMS!
  7. thought about anything sensible to blog about. So you know, with all these other things, I might just not care.

One Comment on “Things I Have Not Done”

  1. kirstente says:

    Well done for not killing the new plants.

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