Scattered across the vast wastes of the internet, you come across many different versions of this worryingly addictive game. But this is not the kind of bingo involving numbers. Rather like university-level maths, numbers have long since vanished; we’re using letters now – or whole sentences.

And so, for your bingo-playing pleasure, as of 18th January 2011, I’ve collected a grand total of thirty-four different versions of bingo ( “am I covertly homophobic” bingo appears to have been removed from DeviantArt, and is no longer available, and neither is Rape Apologist Bingo 2, originally hosted on Flikr, and written by Jeff Fecke, a Shakesville contributor). A big thank you to Cara at The Curvature for her very comprehensive list – it made my job a lot easier!

Since first creating this list, I’ve come to realise that I’d been guilty of a huge oversight – I hadn’t provided any kind of plain text to go with the pictures I’d put up. When the time came to add to the collection, I decided that I could kill two birds with one stone; I could have a massive redesign of the structure, and also redesign the cards themselves. And, as it turns out, it’s not very sensible to provide only links to pictures – I’ve now lost two great cards to the mists of time, because I didn’t make copies of them when they were available. So on this page, there’s an alphabetical list of all of the cards I’ve got. You can click on any of those names and it should link to my text version of the card. Alternatively, I’ve categorised them roughly into groups in the sidebar, which you can browse through if you’ve got a lot of time to waste!

Individual cards:

Obviously, if I’ve miscredited anybody, if there’s one I’ve missed, or if any of the “authors unknown” wish to make themselves known, please shout. Otherwise, just feel free to enjoy the vast amounts of sarcasm gathered in one place!

Disclaimer: these cards are not mine, have never been mine, and never will be mine. I didn’t write any of them. What I did do, sometimes, was copy the words that others had written into plain text. Since the words weren’t mine to begin with, I can’t – and won’t – stake any kind of claim on them. Anybody who wants to is welcome to copy the text that I’ve put up. However, please remember to attribute the cards to their original owners. If you felt like attributing the plain-text to me, that would be nice, but isn’t actually necessary.

18 Comments on “Bingo!”

  1. MomTFH says:

    Thanks for the link love. I am not sure if anyone can read the card on here, but I am far from any tech wizard. I am actually in awe that you got so many cards on here.

  2. Rachel says:

    To be honest, I’m not sure if the card can be read either, but at least you get the gist of it! If you find/ make any more, you know where to send them…!

  3. Esme says:

    I feel so special! I really love troll Bingo. It helps deal with them so well once you realize they’re all the exact same flaming moron.

  4. Esme says:

    Oh, and the Girl Geek bingo and the rape apologist Bingo aren’t mine. Unfortunately, I think the authors of those originals may be lost to time, unless someone pops up to claim them.

  5. SunflowerP says:

    Some from my collection, that you don’t have listed here:

    Porny Presentation Bingo at the Geek Feminism Wiki; as described there, “A bingo card for you to use when reading blog posts about porny presentations at tech conferences.”

    Palin Bingo, four cards – possibly a bit US-centric for you, and rapidly becoming quaint and dated.

    Curebie Bingo at the Autism Information Library, three cards (plus a blank).

    Trans Bingo.

    I’m amused by the similarity of our screen names.

  6. Rachel says:

    Esme, you are special! I realise that the bingo cards with your name attatched aren’t yours, but your collection was the only place I could find some of them. I wouldn’t worry about it – I hope I’ve made it clear in the post that I’m glad to hear if I’ve wrongly attributed cards to people 🙂

    SunflowerP – that’s fantastic, thanks! And I’m glad that somebody other than me likes sunflowers enough to make them part of an online persona!

  7. Antikythera says:

    These are all brilliant. Has anyone seen an ableism bingo, pertaining to physical or mental disabilities, or mood disorders/mental illness?

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  11. IGTN says:

    The link to curebie bingo is broken. The correct link is .

  12. Rachel says:

    Thanks. Fixed.

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  14. calistair says:

    There’s also a Slurs bingo card here:

  15. PixiedustNTT says:

    Thank you so much for this! I only had a couple of bingo cards and wanted to scrounge up a few more. I found a link to your blog at Angry Black Woman and now feel utterly spoiled for choice.

    I belong to a talkboard ( where we are having a discussion about modern feminism, what it means, where it’s going, etc. I’ve provided direct links to each bingo card, but have mentioned your blog name and linked back here. You can see my handiwork here:

    Thanks again.

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  17. hey rachel!

    just wanted to say thanx for your collection of bullshit-bingos and wanted to mention that i try to work with it in an spoken-word-inspired art piece-video.
    if i ever get it done, i´ll mention you in my blog ( not really well-known, so no good merchandise, sorry 😉
    BUT, it´s a work for a feminist-seminar on a college in germany ( hannover), maybe this is nice for you too know.

    best wishes, jenny.

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