Ableist Bingo

Curebie Bingo 1, by A M Baggs at Autism Information Library (original picture here):

Header: CUREBIE BINGO 1. “Curebie: A person who wants nothing more than to teach children with autism to speak and adults with autism to shut up.”

Row 1
My child was stolen and replaced with an empty husk
Autism is worse than cancer because people with autism don’t die quickly
You are not autistic
I have the right to do whatever I want to my child
If my son could write like you do, I’d consider him cured no matter what else was going on with him

Row 2
Being autistic, you lack the insight necessary to understand how awful autism is
I want to cure my child so she doesn’t grow up into a heartless bitter twisted adult like you
You must be an aspie, we need to remove asperger’s syndrome from the autistic spectrum
But autism is terminal, it makes your parents want to kill you
But my child has [insert non-autistic condition] in addition to autism so we should cure autism

Row 3
You clearly don’t injure yourself like my child or you would want to be cured too
Don’t you know that flapping your hands causes ostracism and abuse
Middle Square: FREE SPACE (“if you can play this game you’re obviously not autistic”)
Are you so dumb and hung up on labels you can’t detach autism from you? I see my child’s real personality under autism
Criticizing something parents do is just being another Bettelheim. Shame on you

Row 4
But I want my son to go to the prom, get married, and give me grandchildren
There’s nothing good about autism. Ever.
I would give up everything my son loves if only he could be a normal boy with normal interests
You obviously don’t know what real autism is
I found one autistic person who says he wants a cure, so you don’t know what you are talking about.

Row 5
But hating yourself is natural if you are autistic. You are being unnatural to like yourself as you are.
If I hadn’t zapped my son with a cattle prod he wouldn’t be here
My daughter will never say “I love you” if she remains autistic
All parents know and want what’s best for their children.
But my child may walk in front of a car. If she dies, it’s your fault for not pushing for a cure

Curebie Bingo 2, by A M Baggs at Autism Information Library (original picture here):

Header: CUREBIE BINGO 2. “Curebie: A person who wants nothing more than to teach children with autism to speak and adults with autism to shut up.”
Row 1
All you do by standing up for your value is spread hate. Why can’t you be sweet and compliant like other auties?
If you don’t work toward a cure, then you are selfishly wasting my tax money on supporting people like you
If autistic people are not cured then they will end up in an institution and you don’t want that, do you?
I only wish my child had the luxury of being able to make parents feel bad about wanting to cure him
My child is incapable of self-advocacy

Row 2
How could I possibly accept autism when it is tearing my whole family apart?
My son will never carry on the family name
Children and adults with the more typical lower functioning autism are not wonderful
Autism comes from the devil. God would not make parents suffer this way.
I want a cure and you don’t so we must have very different kinds of autism from each other

Row 3
Love the child, hate the autism
You are just trying to be special when you say you are happy as you are. Get over yourselves
Middle Square: FREE SPACE (“if you can play this game, you’re obviously not autistic”)
It devastates me to watch my daughter stare at ceiling fans when she should be playing with dolls
Autistic people are resistant to change, that’s the only reason you don’t want to be cured.

Row 4
You only wish you were an autie, then you might be important. Get out of the way of parents of real autistics
How can you know you don’t want a cure if you’ve never had one?
If you think the rest of society will ever treat autistics better without a cure, you’re deluding yourself
You angry high functioning folks clearly only care about principles, not about what happens to the low functioners
A person with autism would want a cure, so you’re just faking it for attention

Row 5
I just worry about keeping harm from happening to my son after I’m gone and if he’s cured I don’t have to worry
How could you love someone and want to struggle every day to do what is easy for the rest of us?
You’re like an emotionally immature teen challenging your parents without understanding their wisdom
An autistic’s place is to teach parents, not disagree with them.
“I don’t consider asperger as autism. You don’t know what autism is, rainman!”

Curebie Bingo 3, by A M Baggs at Autism Information Library (original picture here):

Header: CUREBIE BINGO 2. “Curebie: A person who wants nothing more than to teach children with autism to speak and adults with autism to shut up.”

Row 1
Autism is defined as difficulties, not strengths, so I want my difficulties (autism) to go away
I think an autistic child is better off not being born than living in a family that doesn’t accept autism
I am a sensitve autie, not an insensitive aspie, stop being so antagonistic and opinionated, all feelings are valid
I don’t want a cure, but I am an aspie, not autistic, and I think LFA people need cures so they can be aspies like me
I am much lower functioning than the ‘aspies’ who oppose cure; they don’t understand the pain of sensory issues etc.

Row 2
I don’t need a cure but I think some autistics do because there are no absolutes in the world
If autism had been eliminated before I was born, I would have been born healthier and with a chance at happiness
My brain is autistic but my soul is not, and I want a cure for my brain so my soul can fully express itself
I used to not want a cure, but now that I have dealt with ten more years of discrimination, I think I do
Us adults may not need a cure, but I would like it if children had one so they will have better opportunities than I did

Row 3
I want a cure because I want to have a boyfriend or girlfriend or to get married or to have sex with someone
I have taught myself to speak and socialize, so I am cured
Middle Square: FREE SPACE (“if you can play this game you’re obviously not autistic”)
The world will never change for us
I hate autism, and other auties who claim otherwise are either lying or not real since our life is miserable

Row 4
I might be okay if I were LFA and unaware I was autistic, but as an aspie all I feel is failure and rejection. I want a cure.
I have a low IQ and I don’t think those high-IQ aspies understand that someone with my IQ needs a cure
People with NT privilege should not celebrate their inner autie at the expense of those of us who don’t have the luxury to pass
I used to be autistic
We are hurting the feelings of devoted parents and I think that hurts our community, so let’s stop opposing cure

Row 5
How dare you slander me by suggesting that I may still be autistic?
The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few; it is selfish of us to refuse to try to become neurotypical
When the cure is discovered, all those other auties who say they don’t want one will be lining up for it just like me
I want to be cured so I can learn to talk, because you can’t be happy if you can’t talk
Of course I want to be normal. Who wouldn’t?

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3 Comments on “Ableist Bingo”

  1. calistair says:

    There’s another autism-specific ableism bingo card here:
    autism bingo card

  2. Yutolia says:

    I’ve heard maybe about 75% of those (I have a brain injury, so it’s “invisible”, so no wheelchair or anything like that). Every time make me feel stupid, sad, tired, frustrated, and probably a host of other things I can’t remember right now.

    I should carry this bingo card around with me. That would probably really freak the people who say these things out!

    Thanks for this!

  3. pensiveaspie says:

    I need one of these cards. Oh yes. Spot on!

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