Anti-Feminist Bingo

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Antifeminist Bingo 1, Hoyden About Town (original picture here):

Row 1
But I like my women feminine
Feminists have got it all wrong. I’m an equalist
Women are just naturally better at that sort of thing
It’s your job to teach me about feminism. Now do it.
Patriarchy hurts men too

Row 2
You just don’t like sex, so you want to spoil it for everyone else
Sexual assault is rare. You’re just paranoid
She gave it away plenty of times before
We gave you the vote, now shut up.
If you want to be treated like a lady, you’d better start acting like one.

Row 3
Women just can’t be objective about gender issues
You’ll never get laid with that attitude
Middle Square: Can’t you take a joke?
You give feminists a bad name
I’m just an old-fashioned gentleman

Row 4
You’re so sexy when you’re angry
Is it that time of the month?
You’ve just got a victim mentality
All you feminists need is a good deep-dicking
You’re being silly and overemotional

Row 5
Women have all the power over men – you can reduce us to an uncontrollable jelly of lust
You feminists all hate men!
I’m a nice guy(TM), why don’t I get any?
I’ll tell you what’s wrong with feminism…
But I want to talk about this. Listen to me!
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Antifeminist Bingo 2, Hoyden About Town (original picture here):

Row 1
More men than women died on the titanic!
I’d love it if a babe forced herself on me sexually
Men do all the dirty, dangerous jobs
The Courts are all biased towards women
But men don’t get to wear skirts!

Row 2
Rape just ain’t what it used to be
Hard-working men built this country, and the internets too. You women ought to thank us.
Things are changing, gradually. The world will explode if it changed as fast as you feminists want.
All this talk about rape culture stops women being responsible for themselves

Row 3
A male’s purpose in life is to spread his seed
What use is it to me to care about other people’s issues?
Middle Square: “You should…”
Get off your bum and spend your time on more important causes
Some feminist somewhere, once upon a time, hurt my feelings, and that’s the most important thing

Row 4
I know, it’s bad, but I’m too old to change
I got abused for opening a door for a lady
Why isn’t there a Men’s Studies class?
…feminist echo chamber
If anything, we live in a matriarchy

Row 5
Feminists oppress white men
Women should provide mens’ shelters!
I have a friend who is a woman and she thinks you are wrong
I mow the lawn and fix things, so it’s fair
You’re fat and your husband’s a pussy!
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Antifeminist Bingo 3, author unknown (original picture here):

Row 1
I prefer to call myself an equalist
At least you’re not in Afghanistan
[Bad, unrelated analogy]
You obviously have psychiatric/ anger problem
But…an innocent man could go to prison!

Row 2
You hate housewives and fathers.
I’m a feminist too. But not one of those radical ones.
Women lie about rape, DV and child abuse.
Women are just living on the Riviera with their welfare checks/ alimony!
I’ll bet you’re just fat and ugly!

Row 3
Sexism doesn’t exist anymore since we made laws against it.
Middle Square: FREE SPACE
You’re not going to get anywhere acting like a victim!
You’re just taking things way too seriously.

Row 4
[Direct invocation of Goodwin’s Law, or use of the word ‘Feminazi’]
If she was really raped, she would have…
Forty percent of rape reports are false.
I just don’t believe that [cited statistic] is true.

Row 5
You’re a lesbian, aren’t you?
I believe in innocent until proven guilty!
It’s feminism’s fault that sexism/ rape/ abuse exists!
It’s apparent that you were raped and that’s why you’re being needlessly angry.
Well, that’s never happened to me.
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Antifeminist Bingo 4, via Esme454, a Shakesville commenter, who pointed out in comments that this is not her work, just her recommendation. (Original picture here):

Row 1
You’re whining
But it’s just not HEALTHY
I don’t want to pay for YOUR choices
Women used to be oppressed but aren’t anymore
You’re just so STUBBORN

Row 2
We don’t have to fix it. All the bigots will just die off on their own
Your feminism, it depresses me
Sex and gender are the same thing
You’re so self-righteous!
Women’s oppression is their CHOICE

Row 3
Stop blaming men for all your problems!
I’m not sexist. Now stop whining.
Middle Square: Tough Shit
Surely you don’t expect me to agree that diversity is GOOD!
Patriarchy is in its last throes. Like the insurgents in Iraq.

Row 4
Feminism has failed.
It’s just personal bias, not patriarchy!
It’s all about choice, darnit!
Your life probably sucks.
Because I say so!

Row 5
If patriarch exists, it’s your fault
Nothing more can be done
Stop lashing out!
Mostly not-oppressive is good enough for me!
You should cooperate with patriarchy and get power so you can change stuff.
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Antifeminist Bingo 5, via Esme454 (original picture here):

Row 1
If you talk about misogyny, you make it more popular.
That’s reverse sexism!
No, that person can’t be sexist! They’ve done [good thing].
I don’t rape women! Where’s my cookie?
Your time would be better spent doing ____

Row 2
What you don’t understand is…
You just don’t really care about [group of people]
A site I read linked here so now I’m going to haunt this thread
I don’t worry about these things, why should you?
You just can’t take a compliment

Row 3
I don’t need evidence. You’ll just twist my words!
Why isn’t this conversation about ME???
Middle Square: Isn’t there something more important for you to do?
You just hate men!
It’s all in your heads.

Row 4
You’re just too sensitive.
Violent stuff doesn’t really happen to women.
If you keep acting like this, men will never find you attractive.
But this one time, I was discriminated against!
Where’s your sense of humour?

Row 5
They didn’t mean for it to be sexist!
I know a woman who said something different.
I’m just trying to be helpful…
You just don’t get the joke.
It’s a satire!

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2 Comments on “Anti-Feminist Bingo”

  1. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

    Love the collection of bingos but I do want to tell you… sometimes, I do see “feminists” that are not feminists. These would be people who would deny a transsexual woman’s womanhood and work to try to reverse any progress made towards a transsexual person’s rights. This is not feminism, this is transphobia, plain and simple. But I know that that’s not what feminism is about.

    Love the blog, especially your SA writings and I hope you keep it up!

    Love is the Law, Love under Will.

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