Concern Troll Bingo

Concern Troll Bingo, via Esme454 (original picture here):

Row 1
Women in other countries are way more oppressed
Your anger is so unnecessary
You make women look bad
It’s your TONE that’s the problem
What about teh menz?!!!!

Row 2
I have women friends, so I know about these things
You’re so mean!
You just don’t like dissent!!! [also, the phrase echo chamber]
You sound no better than the misogynists!
If you don’t like it, why don’t you just not buy it/ ignore it?

Row 3
I’m a feminist, but you people are just to extreme.
Why am I being ignored?
Middle Square: Don’t you have something more important to worry about?
If you were just nicer about it…
Calling people sexist is as bad as being sexist

Row 4
What about [completely unrelated topic]?
But I’m an ALLY!!!
I read a book about it in college. I know more about it than you.
Just sayin’…
People like you are why people hate women/ feminists

Row 5
I just don’t understand the fuss about this…
You’re just not thinking RATIONALLY
You’re hurting your movement
Why should I read the rest of the blog? This post is sufficient.
This much anger isn’t healthy. Have you considered therapy?

Jon Favreau Lighten Up Already Bingo, by MariaInPgh, a Shakesville commenter (original picture here):

Row 1
There’s way more important things to worry about and I get to define them for you
Why do you want to ruin his career?
I don’t get sexism so it doesn’t exist
It was a joke! Lighten up!
She should take it as a compliment

Row 2
You’re reading way to much into it
It’s only cardboard cutout so it has no real meaning
He didn’t mean it as sexism so it isn’t
You have no sense of humour
I know a woman who didn’t find it sexist so it can’t be sexist

Row 3
You belittle real sexism when you get upset over something like this
You probably do the same stuff yourself when no one is looking
Middle Square: FREE SPACE
There’s such a thing as free speech so you have no right to get upset over anything
I did the same kind of thing once to a guy so it’s OK if I do it to women all the time

Row 4
She liked it
But she is a bitch so there’s nothing wrong with treating her like a bitch
Calm down
Zzzzzzzzzzz Nonstarter
This much anger isn’t healthy. Have you considered therapy?

Row 5
You’re being a prude
He’s only a speechwriter — his actions have no effect on policy
He’s the head speechwriter — he’s too important to be held accountable for his actions
Yes, it was awful, BUT…
Get over it!

Political Groups Feminist Bingo, via Flikr (original picture here):

Row 1:
Feminism is a distraction from the real issues
I read a book on feminism/ spoke to a feminist once and she says you’ve got it all wrong!
There is no patriarchy, there’s just capitalism
OK, but men are just as oppressed by patriarchy as women.
OK, but it’s only ruling class men who have male privilege.

Row 2:
I’m not sexist, I went on the Reclaim the Night march!
Feminism is a bourgeois/ liberal movement for middle class women.
I did the washing up {yesterday/ last week/ once} – so you can’t say it’s always left to women.
Feminism divides our movement!
Sexism won’t be a problem after the revolution.

Row 3:
If you go round complaining about sexism, you’ll discredit the movement.
Sort out your personal problems with your male comrades, and concentrate on the real sexism out there.
Middle square: FREE SPACE! There’s no sexism in our movement!
Well, we’re not perfect, but at least we’re not as sexist as {insert rival leftist group}
Feminists have to realise that class struggle comes first

Row 4:
[Refers to women as girls or calls them “love”, and when challenged excuses it as “just the way us working class people talk”]
I have total sympathy with feminists, but their issues don’t belong in our political meetings/ forums.
We don’t need a special meeting on feminism because nobody here is sexist.
I don’t need to attend the meeting on feminism because I’m not sexist.
That {insert active and vocal female member of the movement} is a wonderfully feisty and fiery comrade!

Row 5
That {insert active and vocal female member of the movement who’s just mentioned patriarchy} is temperamental and over-sensitive.
That wasn’t a sexist comment, it was a personal observation!
I really admire the women of {insert famous feminist cause from another time/ country}. Why can’t you be more like them?
Let’s not descend into identity politics!
There are no men and women here – we’re all just ‘comrades’!

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