Parenting Choices Bingo

Anti-Breastfeeding Bingo 1, Hoyden About Town:

Row 1
Call child protection!
Don’t shove it in my face.
That’s not classy.
Breastfeeding in public makes other women feel guilty.

Row 2
Buy a pump, lady.
Wouldn’t you be more comfortable in the toilet?
… light blanket …
That’s why God invented bottles.

Row 3
I’m a licensed X, so I know that breastfeeding is wrong.
We’re trying to eat here!
Middle Square: …whipped it out…
[Comparison to defecation, urination, masturbation or sex]
It’s emotional abuse – the child will never be independent.

Row 4
Ewwwwww! Groooossss!
That’s unhygienic. We could get a disease.
Beautiful, intimate, private moment between mum and baby
She’s just looking for trouble/ compensation
This is a family area! What if a child sees?!

Row 5
I want some milk! Wokka wokka.
Human milk turns to water after six (9, 12) months.
Old enough to ask, old enough to wean.
…feeding at university.

Anti-Breastfeeding Bingo 2, by Ruth Moss and sold as a postcard by

Row 1
Your baby is small and needs extra from a bottle/ baby rice
If we give him formula at night he will sleep longer.
You need to get her used to a bottle, just in case.
Is he good?
You’ll still be feeding her when she’s at uni!
Are you sure he doesn’t need extra water?

Row 2
You’re making a rod for your own back!
She’s using you as a dummy.
Any comment that includes the word “bitty”
She’s not hungry again; why are you feeding her?
When are you going to give her some proper food?
If you were bottle feeding, I could take him overnight

Row 3
Is he feeding again?
If you let her suck for comfort, your nipples will get sore.
He looks very squashed in that sling.
Your baby should be on bigger feeds by now!
Your baby is big and needs extra from a bottle/ baby rice
Breast milk doesn’t have any benefits after X weeks/ months

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