Parenting Choices Bingo

Mommy Wars Bingo, Mom’s Tinfoil Hat (original picture here):

Row 1
How can mothers go to work and let someone else raise their children?
Why should childless people support parents (by covering maternity leave at their work, paying taxes that go to schools, etc.)
Women should be income tested to become parents, or should have a limit to how many children they can have based on income
It’s OK to be a poor parent so long as your child isn’t a “burden on the system”
All teen moms/ younger moms / single moms are inexperienced or bad mothers

Row 2
How can mothers stay at home with their kids and give up their identities/ not be feminists?
Not all women can breastfeed, so even discussing breastfeeding is hurtful to [fill in the blank why she couldn’t/ wouldn’t breastfeed] moms
I know what it’s like to be a single mom since my partner works late often/ goes on business trips
Mothers who feed their children fast food/ convenience food do not love their children as much as mothers who cook everything from scratch
Mothers who do not breastfeed, cloth diaper, co sleep, baby wear, etc., do not love their children as much as mothers who do

Row 3
All you [natural type/ breastfeeding/ homeschooling] parents are identically judgemental about us non [natural type/ breastfeeding/ homeschooling] ones
If you have only one child, you will be setting up your only child for social maladjustment and loneliness
By defending YOUR parenting priorities (breastfeeding, natural foods, no TV), you are attacking mine!!
People who “blindly” follow standard medical care aren’t doing their research, are poisoning their children, just need to educate themselves more
Parents who question vaccinations or other standard medical choices are paranoid, knee jerk, selfish and letting their children play in traffic.

Row 4
Women who have a drug history, incarceration history, are not heterosexual, are not JUST LIKE ME do not deserve to be parents
If you have too many kids, you are a religious nut and/ or your kids will lack individual attention
Your child’s autism/ developmental problem/ allergies/ ADHD is all your fault because you ate this/ didn’t eat that while you were pregnant or raised them in a certain way
I know more about your child’s health problem that I just found out about than you do. Just try miracle cure X!
All older mothers put their careers before their fertility, and now will be too tired to play with their kids

Row 5
Women who didn’t go to college are not “educated” moms
Must be nice to stay home and relax/ play with the kids all day and have all that spare time!
I don’t have kids but am a teacher/ uncle/ babysitter/ observant person, so I know what I am talking about when I tell you what you are doing wrong, parenting-wise
Parents should be able to completely control baby or toddler behaviour on planes, in restaurants, in any non parents’ presence
Moms who want to breastfeed in public only want to show off their bodies or should just stay home or go in a bathroom

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