Racist Bingo

White Liberal Bingo, by I Dreamed I Was and put up in the Livejournal group Blackfolk is already in a readable table, but I’ve copied the text across for continuity.

Header: B I N G O

Row 1
[Berates one minority group for bigotry toward another without acknowledging role of white racism.]
[Prefers to be called “a person of European descent.”]
People shouldn’t self-segregate.
If we all just married interracially, racism wouldn’t exist!
We don’t really have racism here in City/Country/Delusional Little World.

Row 2
[“Knows” something about POC, because her POC friend told her so.]
“White people have ethnicities, too!” *pout*
[Scolds black folk for calling themselves “nigga/h/z.”]
[Dismisses claims of invisible white privilege as conspiracy theories about “The Man.”]
[Thinks growing up among POC/having POC family/a POC maid gives them license to make sweeping statements.]

Row 3
I don’t really have white privilege (or I understand racism), because I’m gay/poor/disabled/Irish/a woman.
[Compares factory farms/eating meat to “the slave trade” and “the Holocaust” or “the Trail of Tears.”]
Middle Square: PRACTICALLY FREE SPACE! “I think we should all just be colorblind” or “I don’t see color.”
The problem with America today is that people don’t take enough personal responsibility for their actions.
[Agrees that racism has negative consequences for POC, without having positive consequences for white people.]

Row 4
[Claims that not dating POC is purely a matter of physical preference—“I don’t date short/redheaded men, either!”]
[Grows matlocks as “sign of respect/admiration.”]
POC can’t exactly claim cultural appropriation while using the ‘white man’s’ computer.
[Cites Clarence Thomas on matters of race only or openly agrees with Bill Cosby.]
[Wants a cookie for not owning a white hood.]

Row 5
[Says “Talking about racism is so divisive” or turns every discussion of race into a discussion of class.]
[Brings up race of POC partner or children randomly, in order to prove lack of racism.]
[Believes lack of white scholarships/existence of HBCUs/fact that POC do not like him/her is “kinda racist.”]
The Asians or African/Caribbean immigrants have ‘made it’—so black people should be able to.
[Awkwardly avoids mentioning race to describe folks, or actively mocks such attempts.]

Racist Bingo, by Rys at predatorhaven (original picture here):

Row 1
The Bell Curve
Too sensitive
Special rights
I’ve got black friends
Color blind

Row 2
Looking to be offended
I’m not a racist!
No sense of humor
Didn’t mean it that way
Only saying what people really think

Row 3
Victim of reverse racism
Black people say it
Middle square: FREE SPACE
[Chris Rock routine]
I’m a person of color, too — white!

Row 4
Just a coincidence that it looks like racism
I dated an Asian chick
There are people of color in my family
I love ethnic food
I watch The Wire

Row 5
Class issue
Lazy, stupid, some other stereotype
Better off here than in Africa
My Mexican nanny practically raised me
I’m 1/48th Cherokee

Stupid White Folks Bingo, via The Angry Black Woman (original source unavailable; a version of the picture here):

Row 1:
[Disses welfare as a handout]
[Believes that white males are oppressed]
[Says “I’m not racist” when no one implied it]
Slavery was bad but it was a long time ago. Get over it
My one black friend told me…

Row 2:
I never owned slaves so…
I’m {insert ethnicity/ nationality here}. My ancestors weren’t even here!
[Discusses reverse racism]
Wah! I think Affirmative Action is not fair!
[Pretends to hate white people]

Row 3:
I have exactly {insert number} black friends!
Uses popular hip hop songs as a means to relate to the culture
Middle square: Blatant stereotype; FREE SPACE!
You’re different than other black people
{The black people vs. niggers debate}

Row 4:
I’m a white minority. That’s just like being Black!
You people…
Why can’t I say nigger too?
[Constantly referencing Martin Luther King Junior]
Race doesn’t exist! Except the human race.

Row 5:
{nigger vs. nigga}
[Expects all knowledge about Africa]
[Wants a ghetto tour guide]
[Gives out Afro-centric nicknames]
[Became an expert from one Black Studies class]


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3 Comments on “Racist Bingo”

  1. Jaki says:

    Stupid White Person Bingo was made by Blackperson @ Livejournal. It was the first one and the others’ came afterwards.

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